Pool Events

Family cookouts, youth and adult parties, ping pong tournaments, movie nights, raft nights and other special events are held regularly.

The Swim Team has a steady stream of these events, and our Social Chairs maintain a series of events for the general pool membership.

Some are adult-only and some actually involve going into the water.

Please see the pool calendar for details.

Private Parties

Bringing 10 or more guests (members or non-members) into the pool on any one day constitutes a private party. All private parties must be registered.

Seperate guest fees will not be charged for private parties. All fees are incorporated into the rental fee. Please use the TWRA Party Request Form.

Unscheduled parties can disrupt normal pool operations and jeopardize everyone’s safety by creating a shortage of lifeguards. Thank you for your cooperation!


Tilden Woods Recreation Association Guest Sign-In ProceduresA guest is any non-member who accompanies a Tilden Woods Member to the pool regardless of age or if he or she will be swimming. All guests must be accompanied by a TWRA member.

  1. All guests must be paid in advance
  2. Guest fee is $5 per guest per day.
  3. Any individual may only be a guest at the pool a maximum of 5 times during the summer.
  4. If an individual is discovered to have entered the pool without the accompanying member paying the appropriate guest fee, provides incorrect information when signing in, violates the “maximum 5 visits per summer” rule, or violates any other pool rule, that individual will be banned from the pool for the remainder of the summer.
  5. Fees may be paid by one of three methods.
    1. Pay in advance via pool website (bring printed copy of receipt to pool; will be checked by membership chair).
    2. Pay by check at the pool
    3. Pay by cash at the pool
      1. Least preferred method
      2. No change provided
  6. All payments (website receipt, check or cash) must be deposited immediately in cash box in water heater room on wall.
  7. If there is extra payment (e.g. paid online for 4 passes, only has 1 guest; only has $20 bill for 1 guest), lifeguard will record unused guest passes in family’s online membership account for future use.
    1. If using one of these guest passes, guard must update account, indicating how many guest passes are left.
    2. Goal is to not have unused guest passes at the pool – prefer exact change or exact payment via check or online.

Grandchildren or Summer Guests

A $100 Summer Guest Pass may be purchased for each out-of-area grandchild or visiting guest you have during the summer season.

Exchange Days

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, members may bring as guests members of Windermere and Old Farm Pools without charge.

Members of those pools may take Tilden Woods members as guests without charge on the same dates.

Open House Dates

Prospective members are encouraged to visit and try out our pool facilities. Children of prospective members must be accompanied by a parent. Please pass our invitation along to friends and neighbors to join us at the Open Houses and learn more about TWRA membership.