The Summertime Heart of the Community

Join the fun! We’d love to welcome you as a new member of our pool. Spend relaxing days and fun-filled nights with your friends and neighbors at Tilden Woods. In addition to yearly membership fees (outlined below), new members pay a one-time membership Initiation Fee of $600.

Trial Members (persons who have not paid their initiation fee) will be assessed a 25% premium above the regular membership fees. If Trial Members wish to become full members for the year following their trial membership, 100% of the premium will be applied to the Initiation Fee if paid by Labor Day.

Seniors (those 65 years and older at the time of opening day) will receive a 15% discount from the Adult Family (for couples) or Single Adult membership rates.

Legacy memberships are granted to families that have been active members of TW for 40+ years. Legacy members pay the annual maintenance fee, but are not subject to future membership assessments that may be implemented by the Board. Legacy membership applies only to the adults of the original membership. If you feel that you qualify for a legacy membership, please send an email to and provide the year of your original membership.

To join the TW Pool, please register a new account.

2024 Membership Rates

Young Family$900
Single Parent Family$815
Adult Family$655
Single Adult$340
Inactivity Fee$250