Private Party Information

Bringing 10 or more guests (members or non-members) into the pool on any one day constitutes a private party. All private parties must be registered.

Rental Fees

Rental Fees are due at the time of booking.
● $100 up to 20 people
● $200 21- 40 people
● $250 41-50 people
● Board approval required for parties of more than 50 people.

Please make checks payable to TWRA and mail or drop-off to
Mary Bittle Koenick, 11203 Farmland Drive, Rockville, Maryland 20852.

Rental Policies

● ONLY members may book and host a party.
● Members may NOT book a party for a non-member.
● Please keep food and drinks on the grassy area and/or near the picnic area.
● No glass is allowed on or near the pool deck.
● The electronic Waiver and Hold Harmless Agreement must be completed by all
nonmembers attending party.
● Attached form with names of attendees must be submitted to lifeguard on duty
before party begins.
● Each person will be checked-in upon arrival.
● Member is responsible for leaving the entire facility in a clean condition and must
place all trash (including all decorations, balloons, paper goods and food) in the
dumpster (not trash receptacles). Lifeguards are not responsible for cleaning up
after parties.
● If there are 15+ children attending the party, 1 adult for every 5 children is required.
● The fees for parties include additional lifeguards.
● Guest fees will not be charged for parties.
● Fees include use of grounds and all facilities and as many guests as you invite.
● It is the member’s responsibility to make sure only invited guests attend your party.
● Non-members who are not invited guests must be asked to leave the premise.

Rental Request Form