Handling Reservations

To make sure we have an orderly method of coming to the pool and leaving this summer, we will require members to make reservations.  Below are links and some brief descriptions of the process.

Making Reservations

You can create a reservation on the TW Website Reservation page.  In making a reservation, you will need to pick the facility.  Facilities include General Swimming (no lap lane use), Lap Swimming 2 (Lap Lane Use), and Lap Swimming 3 (Lap Lane Use).  Lap swimmers may enter and stay for the general session in which their lap swimming will occur.  When selecting, you will need to check off all household members that you want to include for the session.  Please note, Lap Swimming 2 has a limit of two swimmers per session (one for each lap lane that is setup) and Lap Swimming 3 has a limit of three swimmers per session.  Lap swimming sessions are 30 minutes each.  There are multiple lap swimming sessions within each general session. Please only use lap lane when you have reserved it and only for the time that you have reserved it.  At the end of each swim session, all members will be asked to leave the facility.  We will only begin checking in the next session after pool grounds are cleared.

Make a Reservation

Pick a Facility

Pick An Open Time Slot (Green and Yellow are open)

Select one or more family members (not Lap Swimming 2 and Lap Swimming 3 have limited spaces)

Book it.



Canceling Reservations

To cancel your reservations, you will need to go to your member dashboard.

On the blue menu bar, select MY RESERVATIONS and you will see a list of your reservations.

Select the CANCEL button for the reservation you want to remove.

At this point, you can change your mind to continue by selecting Cancel It. Once canceled, the selected reservation will be removed from your list of reservations.