COVID-19 Check-in Procedures

As part of our effort to keep everyone safe, we are instituting a new check-in procedure.   Before coming to the pool make sure you have completed your check-in requirements.  When you arrive at the pool, please make sure all household members are wearing facemasks, and please follow our social distancing queue.

Check-in Requirements

  1. Member Must Have Signed Adult Waiver on File (this is under your account page, and applies for the entire household).  Note, the Adult Waiver will disappear after you have signed it.  Screenshots of the waiver signing procedure.
  2. Member and/or Member household member must have a reservation on file for the current swim session.  You can make reservations using your account for your entire household.  Please limit the number of reservations for each day so that other members can use the facility.  The board will be monitoring this situation and will take action, if necessary.
  3. Do not enter the entry queue unless you have completed steps 1 and 2.

Please be aware, the front desk staff cannot access accounts and will not be able to assist with the adult waiver or reservations.  The front desk only has read-only access to the Adult Waiver status and reservations for the current session.

Social Distancing Queue

For entry, we will have a queue set up on the ramp that runs along the fence.  All household members that are registered for the current swim session should stay together throughout the entry process. Please do not use the steps.  Please get in line and provide social distance between your household members and non-household members.  You will see ground markings for social distancing.

The last stop before coming to the pool house will be at the intersection of the T formed by the stairs and the opening to the pool house.  Please wait there until the entering member is cleared.

When the opening to the pool house has cleared, you will come to the entry of the pool house and provide your last name to the check-in.  You will only be admitted if your household has a signed Adult Waiver on file, the household members have a reservation for the swim session, and everyone is wearing a facemask. If you do not, you will be directed to leave by exiting up the stairs.   When admitted, you will enter the pool house and immediately turn to your right and enter the pool grounds by going onto the back patio on the other side of the fence.

For everyone’s safety, we are relying on all members to follow these procedures.

Thank you.

TWRA Board